The Co-Op began as a community meeting where the question was asked, "Will this village support a grocery store?". A board of directors was formed at that meeting, a farmers market was established and in 2 years with lots of help from lots of people, the answer became YES, we can and will support a store.


The Co-Op now occupies more than twice the space it did in 2005, employs 7 people, provides a consistent outlet for numerous local farmers and vendors as well as national brand staples and specialty items. The Co-Op is also the most favored centrally located "hangout" in town.













Our building has been a store for the Dixon area since the 30's. First as Zellers , and then as Lebeo's and then Zellers again in the 90's. The Embudo Valley Library purchased the building in 2002 and they now lease it to the Co-Op.


The Dixon Cooperative Market is governed by the 7 Cooperative principles:


•Voluntary and open membership  •Member economic participation •Democratic member control •Autonomy and independence

•We provide the community with education, training and information. •Cooperation among cooperatives.•Concern for the community.

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Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-7pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am-6pm

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